Delray Beach Public Library


Mon - Wed: 9AM - 8PM
Thurs - Sat: 9AM - 5PM
Sun (Sept - May): 1PM - 5PM

The Library is now open Monday-Friday from 9 - 5. Get your virtual library card here to access our great digital resources. Please see new SAFETY GUIDELINES. Legendary Summer Reading Program: Every registrant wins a prize! Sign up HERE



In 1913 volunteers from the Ladies Improvement Association established the Delray Beach Public Library.

Over 100 years later, 100 active volunteers contribute hard work for the Library, and in turn, our community.

Last year they contributed over $120,000 worth of labor.

Volunteer Coordinator Isabella Rowan helps place volunteers in positions such as: homework tutors, clerical assistants, pianists, flyer delivery, computer assistants, art gallery coordinators and much more.

Please contact Isabella to fill out an application form by emailing her at