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3D Printing

The Delray Beach Public Library offers patrons the ability to submit projects to be printed on the library’s 3D printers. 3D printers can create physical objects based on designs supplied as digital files.

The procedures governing the use of the library’s 3D printers are subject to change.

All print requests are handled on a first come, first served basis. The library will schedule only one print per week per patron.


Object design:

Users of this service must agree to the library’s 3D Printing Terms of Service.

Patrons must supply their own design file for printing.

Creating a new design requires knowledge of 3D modeling software products. Recommended free software for beginners include TinkerCAD and Sculptris. Many designs are also freely available online from file-sharing sites like The library reserves the right to reject any request for printing of objects which may be considered an infringement of copyright or trademark.


Submitting a design for printing:

3D printing requests and design files can be submitted using the form at the bottom of this page.

Patrons must submit their design using a .stl (preferred) or .obj file type.

Print jobs are restricted by size, duration, and complexity. The design must fit on our 3D printer’s platform at a maximum size of 11” x 7” x 6” (279 x 178 x 152 mm).  The library will be unable to print jobs that exceed eight hours. At this time, only prints using PLA filament of a single color are allowed. No multi-step prints.

Printing is charged per gram of filament used to produce the object. Except in cases of mechanical failure, objects failing to fully print, or errors in the print process patrons are expected to pay for completed objects. If patrons request a new print due to dissatisfaction with color, scale, quality, design, or other options pre-selected or controlled by the patron, they must pay for both prints.

Many 3D models require the addition of support material to counteract the effect of gravity while the design is printing. This may add slightly to the weight of the project, affecting the final cost. In general, library staff will attempt to remove the support material before the project is picked up. However, in cases of complex models requiring excess support, patrons may be asked to remove it themselves.

Printing costs:

3D printing jobs are $2.00 for projects up to 20 grams, plus $0.10 for each additional gram of project’s weight.

When requests are received, staff will prepare the model for printing. A copy of the print preview will be sent to your email to confirm the cost of the print. After confirming you would like to proceed, printing will begin.

If the print job requested cannot be fulfilled, an email will be sent with a brief explanation.


Your Finished Print:

A completion email will be sent when the print is complete. Charges must be paid at the time of pick up. Refunds are not given.

You have 14 days after the completion email is sent to pick up the print job. Completed print jobs will be available for pick up at the library’s circulation desk. Items not picked up within 14 days become the property of the library.



Save a copy of your project! The file you submit to us will be deleted upon being printed.

Only Library staff and trained volunteers will have direct access to the 3D printers.

The Library retains the right to refuse any print request for any reason.

Content that will not be produced includes, but is not limited to, materials or objects that:

    • Are prohibited by local, state, or federal law;
    • Are unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or pose a threat to the well-being of others;
    • Reproduce objects or materials that are subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.


3D Printing Contact:
Ben Kon

3D Print Request Form