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Donor Privacy Policy

Donor Privacy Policy

The Board of Directors of the Delray Beach Public Library (“Library”), through its Executive Committee, has adopted the following policy concerning the use of donor name lists.

For the purposes of this policy, a “name list” is any written, printed, or electronic record under the Library’s ownership or control containing the name or other identifying information about any past or present donor to the Library or any potential donor to the Library, including but not limited to the Library’s current or former members, trustees and directors.

Employees and agents of the Library, and other persons associated with the Library, are prohibited from using name lists for their personal benefit or any other purpose that does not directly benefit the Library or further the Library’s mission. Such persons are also prohibited from disclosing or disseminating name lists to third parties, including but not limited to professional fundraisers and other agents and vendors of the Library, unless the recipient agrees to abide by the restrictions contained in this Privacy Policy.

Employees and agents of the Library, and other persons associated with the Library, will honor the request of any person on a name list not to be contacted for fundraising purposes, whether such request is oral, electronic, or in writing. All such requests will be promptly referred to the Director of Development and Community Relations, who will maintain a master “do-not-contact” list of persons requesting not be contacted for fundraising purposes. Employees and agents of the Library, and other persons associated with the Library, will check the “do-not-contact” list before initiating a fundraising contact to any person, and will refrain from contacting any person on the list for such purposes whether by telephone, mail, electronic, or other means.

The Director of Development and Community Relations is responsible for implementing this Privacy Policy. The Database Administrator will maintain names on the “do-not-contact” list for a period of not less than six years from the date the name was first placed on the list. Questions concerning this Privacy Policy will be referred to and decided by the Library’s President.

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