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STREAM into Summer 2024

STREAM into Summer 2024


The 2024 S.T.R.E.A.M. into Summer is an innovative program designed to inspire and engage young minds ages 3-17 in the captivating world of science, technology, reading, art, engineering, and mathematics. This initiative aims to foster a love for learning and equip children with essential skills for future success.  

S.T.R.E.A.M. into Summer will deliver a hands-on, holistic approach to learning, including real world applications featuring hands-on experiments, interactive workshops, and collaborative projects, providing a dynamic learning environment. Our experienced librarians and instructors will guide children through topics in robotics, coding, physics, space, math, chemistry, and environmental science combining theory with practical application.              

Week 1: Science: I read; so, I question: The goal is to cultivate a habit of curiosity and critical thinking, empowering children to approach literature and the world around them with inquisitiveness and a discerning perspective.  

Week 2: Technology: I read; so, I care: The goal is to inspire a sense of responsibility as children navigate the digital landscape, fostering a connection between their reading experiences and the proper use of technology.  

Week 3: Engineering: I read; so, I build: The goal is to nurture the connection between written creativity and practical construction, fostering a deeper understanding of engineering concepts.  

Week 4: Reading: I read; so, I learn: The goal is to instill a growth mindset, encouraging children to see reading as a lifelong journey of discovery and a powerful tool for acquiring new information.  

Week 5: Art: I read; so, I create: The goal is to foster a love for reading and an appreciation for the role of literature in building the canvas for artistic exploration.  

Week 6: Math: I read; so, I think; The goal is to utilize reading to build a foundation in mathematical thinking, developing a deeper appreciation for the role of literature in shaping critical thinkers with a strong mathematical mindset.  

Week 7: STREAM is for All: I read; so, I’m free: The goal is to use reading in building a foundation in STREAM disciplines, encouraging children to think critically, solve problems, and express themselves through the lens of STREAM.