Delray Beach Public Library


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Thurs - Sat: 9AM - 5PM
Sun (Sept - May): 1PM - 5PM

The Library is now open Monday-Friday from 9 - 5. Get your virtual library card here to access our great digital resources. Please see new SAFETY GUIDELINES. Legendary Summer Reading Program: Every registrant wins a prize! Sign up HERE

Community Connections

Community Connections

The Library is the community. We reflect all the wonderful resources including people, physical resources, technologies, learning opportunities and community connections you find in Delray.

Currently the Library has over 132 community partners who support and help enhance all we do and, in turn, make living and thriving in Delray so wonderful. We partner with daycares, schools, the Achievement Centers, the Chamber, the Woman’s Club, Family Promise, the Caring Kitchen and so many more. We are looking to nurture new ones including the Social Justice Committee of St. Paul’s to bring new programs focusing on vital issues, and PBC Health Services to bring a mobile medical lab here so people who are not insured can received medical attention.