Youth Speak Out Community Forum

Youth Speak Out Community Forum

Last Monday, May 22nd, 2017, Delray Beach Public Library hosted a graduation of 36 students from a seven-week digital media program known as Media Literacy & Me. William King of Youth Speak International taught the program and helped students gain media education in video production and use these skills to create positive change in their communities.


L to R Back Row: C. Ron Allen, Interim City Manager Neal De Jesus, Interim Library Director Mykal Banta, Mayor Cary Glickstein, Commissioner Mitch Katz, William King, Commissioner Jim Chard, William Desravines Jr., Director of Community Improvement Michael Coleman, and Children’s Librarian Ilene Glickman with some of our students


Media Literacy & Me is a program that builds an understanding of the role media plays in today’s society. While integrating media literacy and production tools, the video literacy curriculum empowers young people to utilize their first amendment rights. By bringing technology to classrooms, the program empowers students to learn about their culture and environment.

Students identify a critical problem in their community through the use of “study circles” group gatherings. The solution to the problem is then directed into short thirty-second public service announcements. All completed media is posted to YouTube and aired on public broadcast television in the appropriate countries.

Ilene Glickman, the Head of Children’s Department at the Delray Beach Public Library, was also involved throughout the program. “The Delray Library is so proud to have worked with such hard-working, motivated, and enthusiastic students,” Glickman says. “It is inspiring to witness youth making such a positive impact in their community.”

“Good news is Sky passed her reading test. I truly believe the library media program helped her. She took the test on Monday.  Even if it gave her the confidence to sit down and go for it.” — Grandmother of one of the participants



At the graduation, the students presented their finalized work in front of parents and city officials. Officials present included Mayor, Cary Glickstein; Commissioner, Jim Chard; Commissioner, Mitch Katz; Community Improvement Director, Michael Coleman; Interim City Manager, Neal de Jesus; Director of Parks and Recreation, Suzanne Fisher; Assistant City Manager, Caryn Gardner-Young; Director of Economic Development, Joan Goodrich; and Assistant City Manager, Dale Sugerman.

All participants of the Digital Media Literacy & Me program

The program was made possible with support from Prime Time Palm Beach County. The public service announcements produced by the students throughout the program are also available to view on the YouTube channel, “YouthSpeakOut”.