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Write On! Winner Update

Write On! Winner Update

Congratulations to Nedjie Aurelien, the winner of Write On! 2021, our inaugural teen writing contest. Nedjie is a student at Atlantic High School and is a poet, artist, and avid reader of manga. She won a lovely gift basket full of library swag, books, and a Barnes & Noble gift card. Nedjie’s powerful reflection on the meaning of community can be found below. 

The People’s Calling
by Nedjie Aurelien
“911, what’s your emergency?” 
“A black man is currently being pinned down, 
He can’t breathe.” 
“911, what’s your emergency?” 
“Somebody kicked in the door and shot 
My girlfriend.” 
“911, what’s your emergency?” 
A black man was just shot 
While he was jogging.” 
When we needed law 
Enforcement the most, 
They postponed our call. 
The people were 
The only ones 
That truly responded. 
My people speak
But they refuse 
To Listen
George Floyd wasn’t 
The first man to profess 
He couldn’t breathe. 
Eric Garner too uttered 
Those words while in a 
Chokehold by the NYPD. 
How can we seek help 
From those who 
Are hurting us? 
Must petitions and marching 
Become the norm 
To breed change? 
If so, my people will 
Sign petitions until their fingertips 
Quiver to their very core. 
My people will tread the streets chanting 
“No justice, No peace!” until each footprint 
Is engraved into the ground. 
They tell us to 
Cease our marching 
Due to the pandemic. 
Informing us wasn’t 
They resorted to tear gas. 
My people scream in anguish 
From the burning sensation 
That clouds their perception. 
Rubber bullets pierce 
Our skin, denying us any 
Sense of tranquility. 
COVID may 
but so do they. 
Racism is a 
with no vaccine. 
So when they tell us to 
Disperse, we stand 
Together hand and hand
Each palm clutching 
Onto every fragment 
Of freedom we have. 
We’ll say their 
Names because 
They won’t. 
Breonna Taylor 
Ahmaud Arbery 
George Floyd 
We’ll get them their 
Justice when they’ve 
Been deprived of it. 
When my people come 
Calling, we will be 
There to answer. 
My people are 
The community; 
The community is us.