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A View from Space Digital Escape Room

Thursday, December 31, 2020 12:00 am

The Hubble has been infiltrated! NASA lost control of the telescope through some insidious computer piracy. The culprit is still at large and has hidden the means to regain control in a small box, along with a series of clues to open the multiple locks. Can you, young astronomer, figure out the codes, unlock the box, and help NASA gain control of the Hubble again to explore the galaxies? You have 45 minutes until we lose all access to the telescope. As always, be sure to ask us for hints via social media (Facebook/Instagram) or email.

This Digital Escape Room was made by Craig, Teen Services Librarian of the Delray Beach Public Library with special thanks from BreakoutEdu.

Good luck!

Organizer: Teen Services