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Teen Volunteer Program

Teen Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for The Teen Advisory Board at Delray Beach Public Library.

Download and fill out a Teen Volunteer Application here.

MUST Join the Remind group @DBPLTEENS (Text @dbplteens to 81010)

Email the completed and signed application to Christelle.Mehu@DelrayLibrary.Org

What is the Teen Advisory Board at Delray Beach Public Library (TAB@DBPL)? The TAB@DBPL was formed to give teens the opportunity to participate in and influence teen services at the Delray Beach Public Library. 

Who can join the TAB@DBPL? Teens, ages 13-17, are welcome to join the TAB@DBPL.  Tweens ages 11-12 are welcome as Reader Advisors to transition into the TAB@DBPL.

When will the TAB@DBPL meet? The TAB@DBPL members will meet the second Tuesday of every month from 2:00PM to 3:00PM, June through August 2022, in the Teens Room to discuss books, magazines, teen issues, and programming.

How much time will it involve? The TAB@DBPL will involve one hour a month for meetings and any time you choose to devote to reviews, chairing programs and committees, or other TAB@DBPL activities. The time you devote to the TAB@DBPL will be considered as a service to the TAB@DBPL, the Delray Beach Public Library and the Delray Beach Community. You will receive a letter documenting your hours and services to the TAB@DBPL.

What will we discuss? The TAB@DBPL will meet to share reviews of books, software, magazines, music, and web sites. TAB Meetings are dedicated to the development of services and the recruitment of teen volunteers to carry out these services.  It will be up to TAB@DBPL to present ideas for the Teen Summer Reading program and year-round programming.

What are the membership requirements? Members must commit to one (1) year of service to the TAB@DBPL and a minimum of seventy-five (75) hours of service for that year.  These service hours can be met by participating in a combination of the following activities*:            Attendance to monthly meetings during fiscal year from October to September REQUIRED (1 hour, once a month); AND Chairing ONE (1) Young Adult Yearly Program.

MUST Join the Remind group @DBPLTEENS (Text @dbplteens to 81010)

Positions and Opportunities Available:

TAB@DBPL Officers:

The President will work closely with the TAB@DBPL Advisor to organize TAB @ DBPL meetings. The president will assist the TAB@DBPL Advisor in creating the meeting agenda and will preside over TAB@DBPL meetings. The president will act as a contact person for other TAB@DBPL members who want items added to the meeting agenda.

The Vice-President-President elect will serve as the president in his or her absence. The vice-president will serve as membership coordinator, keeping track of active and inactive members and new applications. The vice-president will inform and remind all members of upcoming meetings, programs, and special events. The vice-president will be responsible for the attendance sheets at all meetings and inform the president and the TAB@DBPL Advisor of members’ absences, participation and hours served.

The Secretary will keep minutes of the TAB@DBPL meetings and keep them on file in a notebook in the YA area. The secretary will read the highlights of the previous meeting’s minutes at the beginning of each regular meeting. The secretary will see to the upkeep of the master file of minutes to be kept in the YA Office. The secretary will keep track of all votes taken at each meeting. The secretary will serve as the president in the absence of the president and vice-president.

Book Discussion Chairs: Sign up for our Teen Book Discussions and get to meet other teens to discuss and review books.  Prepare the discussion questions, lead the discussion, and participate year-round. Meets: Every Tuesday from 5-6pm, June through August 2022, via Zoom. Earn: Up to 144 hours approx. To join the club, join our Remind group @dbplteens. Click HERE for more details.

Got Game Club Chairs: Set up gaming stations and TVs.  Keep attendance and sing-in sheets. Keep track of players’ gaming sessions. Meets:  Every other Saturday from 1-5pm, Teen Room, 2nd Floor. Earn: Up to 100 hours approx. 

Peer Tutors: Sign up to tutor a Kinder, 1st, 2nd or 3rd grader in Math, Science, Reading, and Writing. Meets: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-6pm and Saturdays from 1-3pm, from January to March. Earn: up to 72 hours approx. 

Teen Reader Advisors: Write up Book Talks and Reviews for our Teen Reader Advisors Shelf on Review a book not already listed and get volunteer hours for writing a review! Earn 2-6 volunteer hours per book review.

How to write Booktalks and Reviews:

·        Don’t review a title already on the Teen Bookshelf on Any book that is not on the Teen Bookshelf on is fair game!

·        Chose a book you liked, not one you didn’t!

·        Give enough information to hook the reader, but…

o   Do not give all deets,

o   Definitely do not give away the ending!

o   And end it with a cliffhanger.

  • Earn up to 6 hours of volunteer credit.  Two (2) hours for each paragraph, no more than 3 paragraphs.
  • See Alexandra’s review of Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Even though it was only 2 paragraphs, he earned 6 hours, because the book was short, the review was complete and met all requirements.
  • Video Book Trailers

Create a book trailer of a young adult book. We have book trailers on the Library’s YouTube Channel. Please subscribe!

We used iMovie to create them, but you can use another program if you want. Example: Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Earn up to 6 hours of volunteer credit.

Click to Submit: TAB @DBPL Reader Advisors Entry Form

  • Upload cover image of up to 5 books in individual files. Name each file with the TitleYourLastnameFirstname. For example, File name: UnwindMenendezLoanis. Image files only.
  • Attach up to 5 booktalks/book trailers in individual word or video files. Name each file with the TitleYourLastnameFirstname. For example, File name: UnwindMenendezLoanis. Don’t forget to list any other titles by the author and author’s website if applicable.

Participating in TAB @ DBPL approved events (various hours earned throughout the year).

Summer Leadership Academy:

Summer Leadership Academy Ambassadors: Assist in organizing and delivering Teen Programs during the Summer Leadership Academy, June through August 2022. Various hours earned.

Book Buddies: Teens read to kids during Summer Lunch Program.

Meets Monday – Friday from 10:30 AM-1:30 PM. Starts: June 1, 2022. Earn 3 volunteer hours per day.

Supporting the Children’s Summer Reading Programs (various hours earned during the Summer).

MUST Join the Remind group @DBPLTEENS (Text @dbplteens to 81010)

For more information on any one of these opportunities, contact Christelle.Mehu@DelrayLibrary.Org