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Summer Reading List: Late June Reads

Summer Reading List: Late June Reads

Beat the heat with our summer book recommendations! We have recommended 3 novels this week to keep you busy as you’re staying cool indoors.


A Million Little Things by Susan Mallery is a wonderful read on friendships, romance, and single women. This fiction focuses on character Zoe Sadivar, a lonely woman suffering through a recent break-up, a stay-at-home job, and a best friend that is too obsessed with her baby to focus on their friendship. Her life takes a sudden turn for the complicated and suddenly gets a lot less empty, with complications involving new friendship and romance. Maybe being alone isn’t so bad…

For a heart-wrenching and humorous treat, we recommend Close Enough to Touch by Colleen Oakley. This novel involves a 28-year-old recluse with a unique allergy to physical contact with other humans. After her mother’s death, she is forced to reenter the world and makes some unlikely friendships. Although her disease is a rather sad one, this novel stays light-hearted with its endearing characters. There are still many reasons to live and love, even when physical contact is rendered impossible.

If you’re looking for an oldie but goodie, try Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. Although this is deemed a Young Adult/Juvenile read, we think it is a great story that all ages can take something from. A ten-year-old boy in rural Virginia becomes friends with a newcomer. Together, they escape the cruelty of their everyday life in their imaginative hideaway they have named “Terabithia.” This Newbery medal-winning title will touch and change you in unexpected ways, and reaffirm the value of friendship. (When you finish reading, we recommend watching the stunning movie adaptation as well!)

Come cool off and check out these books from the Delray Beach Public Library today!