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Summer Reading List: TIME’s Best

Summer Reading List: TIME’s Best


We hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day this year! This week, we picked out 3 books for you all with help from Time’s Best Fiction Books of 2017.

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid is a story about a young couple that falls in love as their city descends into civil war. They escape through supernatural doors that admit them farther into the western world, but are met with difficulties and obstacles along the way.

For a book that you have to work a little harder for, try out Transit by Rachel Cusk. This novel involves a writer’s move to London that results in a number of life transitions. Not much happens plot-wise, but the existential changes that occur between the lies make for an intriguing read from this British author.

In a novel that is a little more eye-opening and risky, check out White Tears by Hari Kunzru. This offers a timely meditation on race and privilege through a murder investigation. This book struggles with reality and identity, and puts you in touch with problems that still exist in today’s world.