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Summer Reading List: Give Thrill A Try

Summer Reading List: Give Thrill A Try


If you have not stepped foot into trying the thriller book genre, we highly recommend giving it a shot this summer. This style has been very popular with recent releases, and these noteworthy recommendations are huge page-turners!

A suspenseful option (and a personal favorite) to try out is the new novel, Everything You Want Me To Be by Mindy Mejia. This novel focuses on the complexities of online relationships during an investigation of the murder of young Hattie Hoffman. This book is also told through different points of view, as each character makes important discoveries. This is a great choice if you enjoyed Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (look, a bonus recommendation!).

Oldies are not to be forgotten! If you have yet to check out Shutter Island by Denis Lehane, this novel should be next on your to-read list. This 1954 setting in an isolated hospital for the criminally insane will make you question reality. The library also has the audiobook version, if you’re searching for that extra bit of thrill.

If you’re not opposed to some late nights due to not being able to put your book down, The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly will result in just that. This novel follows two college students as they live through a dreamy summer of irresponsibility that soon turns into a nightmare. We recommend reading this if you are into a twisted tale with a shocker of an ending.

We might as well take advantage of the longer days of summer and read these thrillers while there is plenty of light outside!

“Keep your face towards the sunshine.” – Walt Whitman