Sing a Song of Social Protest – Speaker Stephen Gershenson


Course Instructor: Stephen Gershenson

Dates:November 27 and December 4, 11

Time:10:30 – 11:30 am

Course Fee:$45

American political and social history, from its inception to modern times, has always been accompanied by music. This three-part program demonstrates the major intersections between events of the day and the music that accompanied social movements of the poor, the underprivileged, and the disenfranchised. In each session you will hear the music that helped shape both our understanding and our consciences. Experience the music that touched our pain, urged us to picket our factories, march for justice and treasure our freedoms.

Nov. 27 – MUSIC OF AMERICA’S NIGHTMARE – SLAVERY- Explore the heartache and promise of spirituals.
Dec. 4 – MUSIC OF WORKER PROTESTS – Confront the confused and ambiguous story of organized labor and equal rights in the workplace.
Dec.11 – MUSIC OF SOCIAL PROTESTS – Examine the music that intersects our recent history of wars and peace, as well as social protest music from other societies.

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