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Planned Giving

Planning a gift makes good sense. You can make a significant charitable impact at the Delray Beach Public library by structuring a gift that reduces your tax liabilities while permanently endowing services or programs that you and your family have enjoyed and would like to ensure for future generations.

A planned gift is a charitable contribution of any asset, current or deferred, that can directly benefit both you and the Library. Though bequests and wills are the most prominent sources of planned gifts, contributions of securities, tangible property, real estate and life insurance benefit the Library today and can provide you with even greater tax deductions. Charitable gift annuities allow you to give cash or an asset in return for a life income paid by our organization. IRAs and other retirement plans, which can be most heavily taxed in an estate, can be designated to the Library to reduce your present income tax liability. For more information for your professional advisors click here.

The Library will gratefully accept gifts of stock and other securities. You will receive an immediate charitable deduction and are not subject to capital gains. or a copy of our securities transfer instructions please contact the Director of Development.

The Library also accepts gifts of real estate, automobiles, art, and any other personal property that you would like to share. With a gift of property, you can generate an immediate income tax deduction and a possible reduction in capital gains tax. With cars, boats or other assets, you receive the income tax deduction, and the Library receives the full market value of your gift.

For a copy of our securities transfer instructions or if you have any questions about making a tax-deducible contribution or any other giving opportunities, please contact Director of Development Kae Jonsons at or call (561) 266-0798.

Planned Giving 3

In an effort to assist estate planning professionals in their valuable work, we can assist you in the following ways:

  • Providing sample bequest language for the Delray Beach Public Library to ensure that your client’s wishes are realized. Tax ID and other pertinent information are also available.
  • Providing the procedures for making gifts of stock either outright or to fund a charitable gift.
  • Providing information on our gift acceptance policies covering gifts of appreciated property, insurance beneficiary designation, and gifts of retirement plans.
  • Creating detailed, personalized gift illustrations of planned giving vehicles. Using our software, the illustration can be customized to your client’s needs showing various estate planning options.
  • Forwarding brochures reflecting all of the planned giving opportunities.
  • Partnering to conduct financial and estate planning seminars..
  • Meeting with you and your clients to discuss various planned giving options, including endowment gifts.

For more information about this or any other planned giving service, please contact us at (561) 266-0798 or