Meet the Librarian – Ilene Glickman

Ilene Glickman, New Children’s Librarian at the Delray Beach Public Library


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up at the Delray Beach Public Library.

I was raised in Brooklyn New York, ultimately raising my family up in Westchester County N.Y. I hold an MLS from Long Island University and was the Head of Youth Services at the Village of Irvington Public Library. I had frequently visited my parents in Delray Beach through the years, and watched as the city grew and transformed. After a particularly long and cold winter in 2012, my three children grown, I knew it was time to make the change. The magical lights of downtown, the glorious weather, and the serenity of the ocean and beaches were like a beacon in the dark.

This is my dream job. I am passionate about literacy and encouraging the habit of lifetime reading for pleasure and knowledge. I am excited to meet and engage the families of Delray Beach.


2. What’s your favorite book and why?

My favorite children’s book was, and still is, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It is filled with mystery and secrets, a desolate old mansion, new friendships, nature, healing, growth, and most importantly a hidden key to a secret place filled with wonder and tucked away from adults. My favorite children’s author is always changing, which is the nature of a children’s librarian. Naturally, I love Dr. Seuss and J.K. Rowling, but I currently adore all books by Mo Willems.


3. What do you do when you are not at the library?

When I am not at the library, I am very active. Experiencing summer all year long is still a novelty and a treat! I cycle with a group and play tennis. I make sure to squeeze in walks and frequent sunrises on beautiful Delray Beach. I am a member of two book clubs and I practice yoga. I also love eating at all the restaurants around town, and you can often find me sitting somewhere in town, sipping coffee and people watching.


4. What do you hope to achieve in this position?

I intend to bring new and exciting programming into the library for children of all ages, and to expand on after school learning opportunities as well as outreach. I envision collaboration with many groups in the community, and will encourage them to reach out to me as well. Mostly I would love to emphasize the importance of our library, and to encourage families to see our beautiful renovated Children’s Department as a vibrant and busy community hub for families, moms, fathers, and as a wonderful place for the start of new friendships.

I view the Children’s Room as a place to plant the seeds for a lifetime habit of reading for pleasure and knowledge.


5. People say libraries are becoming less and less relevant. What do you say to those people?

Come visit the Delray Beach Public Library and see if you feel that away afterwards.

We have a brand new renovated Children’s Department that has a recording studio, technology lab, iPads, great storytimes, and an awesome staff who love kids. We have public meeting space for 200 people and last year held over 750 programs for nearly 20,000 attendees. There are 50 public computers available and computer classes taught by librarians, free of charge. We also have a space for teenagers and a Young Adult Librarian dedicated to serving their needs. The library is an exciting place in a beautiful building with plenty of free parking, and nearly 1,200 people a day coming through our doors. Not to be forgotten, we have books, magazines, movies, databases, and ebooks available free of charge. The Delray Beach Public Library has something for everyone and makes a difference in people’s lives, improving the quality of life in our community.


6. Please give me a quote from you on what you believe inspires you in this position.

“Engaging children in literature fuels their imagination, creates endless possibilities, and expands their world and their hearts. Literacy brightens the world one mind at time.”