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Learn a language for FREE with Mango Languages

Learn a language for FREE with Mango Languages

Mango LanguagesMango Languages prepares learners for realistic conversations and strengthens everyday communication skills in more than 70 languages, from Spanish to Swahili, English to Icelandic, and Mandarin to Hindi

Use your Delray Beach Public Library card to log in to Mango Languages, and use Mango’s free mobile apps to learn whenever, wherever your busy day takes you.

Mango Languages’ Conference Call Series provides tips for bilingual business communication. We all know that being bilingual can make you a better job candidate, but even if you’re just a beginner, learning a few phrases in your potential business partner or client’s native language shows consideration and thoughtfulness.

Learning to do communicate in another language can help you create long-term connections and open up professional opportunities.

Some sample tips from the Latin American Spanish business language course:

Buenos días. (BWEHnohs DEEahs.)” — Good morning.

Remember to stay cognizant of local time zones. If it’s early in the day, use buenos dias, if it’s the afternoon, say buenas tardes [good afternoon], and if it’s in the evening, impress with buenas noches [good evening].

Hablo un poco de español. (AHbloh oon POHkoh deh ehspahNYOHL.)” — I speak a little bit of Spanish.

Let your potential business partners and clients know what to expect as far as your Spanish expertise goes with this super handy phrase.