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Kindergarten Readiness Story Time with Ms. Tea

Kindergarten Readiness Story Time with Ms. Tea

Ages 3 – 5.  Zoom ID will be emailed shortly after you register. Thank you.
Connect on Zoom every Monday @ 10:00 am for interactive stories, songs, movement & rhymes to develop key skills. We will encourage youngsters (ages 3-5) to hone Kindergarten readiness skills through the exploration of their vast imaginations and the employment of their creativity, curiosity, courage, helpfulness, humor and sense of wonder while they take active part in each story!

Here’s what we’ll do together:
  • Welcome Song
  • Book #1
  • Action Songs
  • Rhyme Time
  • Words You Heard
  • Craft Activity
  • Closing Song
Some of the Kindergarten-Readiness skills your children will employ/hone are:
  • Art: Following basic two or three step directions
  • Early Literacy: Following along with text from left to right; Turning pages properly on cue (“beep!”)
  • Fine Motor: Using proper grip to cut with scissors; Using proper pincer grasp of marker
  • Math/Science: Making comparisons–“big, medium & little”; “Hot”,“Cold”, “Warm” Identifying & drawing a circle, triangle & rectangle
  • Music: Moving & clapping to a beat; Following a rhythmic musical pattern
  • Language: Talking in sentences; Recognizing rhyming words; Expanding vocabulary in English & Spanish

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