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Great Books Discussion Group

Great Books Discussion Group

Read and discuss a selection of great short stories and essays. The group meets 10 am to 11:30 am most Fridays on Zoom.
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Texts in use: Most selections are from 100 “Great Short Stories” and
will note the page number. Selections from “The World’s
Greatest Short Stories”
will be noted wgss.

February 5
Daniel Defoe: The Apparition of Mrs. Veal; P.1
Charlotte Perkins Gillman: The Yellow Hallpaper; P.113,wgss
Anton Chekov: A malefactor; P.668

February 12
Washington Irving: The Devil and Tom Walker; P.14
Prosper Merimee: Mateo Falcone; P.25
W.B. Yeats: The Tables of the Law; P392

February 19
Robert Browning: Andrea del Sarto; PDF
Oscar Wilde: The Selfish Giant; P.300
H.H. Munro: Tobermory: P. 554

February 26
James Joyce: Araby; P. 180,wgss
John Galsworthy: The Broken Boot; P.745
O. Henry: The Furnished Room; P. 504

March 5
Shakespeare: Anthony and Cleopatra;>Cleopatra.full
Jules Renard: The Dark Lantern; P.345
Kate Chopin: Desirees Baby; P.339

March 12
Charlette Bronte: Napoleon and the Spectre; P.37
Jack London: The White Silence; P. 427
Mary Shelley: The Mortal Immortal; A Tale; P.41

March 19
Guy De Maupassant: The Necklace; P.234
Mary Wilkins Freeman: A New England Nun; P.311
Hayden Carruth: Active Colorado Real Estate; P.355

March 26
Stephen Crane: The Veteran; P.368
Ambrose Bierce: An Occurrance at Owl Creek Bridge; P.523
James Stephens: The Blind Man; P.574