Favorite Books

Favorite Books

You don't have to be a teen to enjoy young adult books. Check out our YA shelf on Goodreads to find thirty of our favorite teen reads — graphic novels, romance, humor, novels in verse, dystopian fiction, LGBTQIA, gentle reads, and more.  

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Elinor and Marianne Dashwood describe the words of sense and sensibility perfectly. These two sisters couldn’t act and think more differently. Elinor always shows sense and controls her emotions, making sure she analyzes everything before doing or saying something. Marianne on the other hand is extremely emotional and dramatic. She

Gracelingtakes place in a world of Seven Kingdoms in which a small number of people are born Graced, gifted with unusual and sometimes fearsome abilities. As a young girl, Katsa comes to the chilling realization that she has the Grace of Killing. With her parents dead, her uncle, King Randa

The events of September 11th, 2001 will forever hold resonance in the history of this country, but for the people that witnessed this horrid occurrence on television screens and had to endure the heart-breaking accounts from families, it’s particularly jarring. Mr. Foer places readers right in the aftermath of this