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Art Database Project

Art Database Project

The Delray Beach Public Library is making history. Reference Librarian, Alyson Walzer, is taking part in the prestigious Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute – Year 16. As part of the institute, Ms. Walzer is completing a leadership project, which consists of creating an online database for the public art, art galleries and artist studios within the city limits of Delray Beach. What attracted Ms. Walzer to this project was her interest in the City of Delray Beach with its vibrant artist community and the history of artists’ colony.


As Delray began its development in the early 1900s, the southern migration of the snow birds began. Through the roaring 20’s Delray would be a winter haven for writers, artists and illustrators alike to escape the dreary northeast winters. After the stock market crash in 1929, it wasn’t until the 1950s and 60s that Delray began to see a resurgence in population and the Artist Colony. Many had studios in the arcade building, located at 411 E. Atlantic Ave, currently The Wine Room Kitchen & Bar.

The Delray Beach Public Library was founded in 1913 by the Ladies Improvement Association and became a non-profit 501C3 corporation in 1938. This past year the library welcomed over 400,000 visitors, patrons borrowed over 200,000 items, and provided incredible programs to over 34,000 people. For many, the Library is a lifelong partner; babies and their caretakers begin their reading life in early literacy classes, toddlers play with coda-pillars, students are mentored by tutors and librarians, working families enjoy great resources and experiences, and people can reshape their lives with new knowledge and skills. The library has plans to provide the community with enriching learning opportunities for years to come.

Ms. Walzer is looking for community involvement in her project. If there are any public art displays that you know of, please submit them to her via this ONLINE FORM.

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Alyson Walzer
Reference Librarian