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3D Printing Terms of Service

The Delray Beach Public Library makes 3D printing available for a fee.  The library’s 3D printers are available for the printing of three-dimensional objects using a design that is uploaded from a digital computer file.

The library’s 3D printers may be used only for lawful purposes. Content that will not be produced includes but is not limited to materials or objects that:

    • Are prohibited by local, state or federal law;
    • Are unsafe, harmful, dangerous or which pose a threat to the well-being of others;
    • Reproduce objects or materials that are subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.


The library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.  In the event the library determines that a 3D printing request be refused, the library shall provide written notice of the reasons for the refusal.   The library’s decision will be governed by this policy.

The patron agrees to assume all responsibility for, and shall hold the library harmless in, all matters related to copyrighted, patented or trademarked materials.  The Delray Beach Public Library is not responsible for any damage, loss, or security of data arising from the use of its equipment or network, nor the functionality or quality of objects produced on the 3D printer.

Size of the file, timing of printing, and maximum length of time allowed for each print job will be regulated according to demand and equipment restrictions. The library reserves the right to limit the number of print requests.

Library staff will review every object file before it is printed.  Patrons are solely responsible for the creation and editing of design files.  All files will be deleted from the system following the completion of the print job.

The library does not guarantee complete customer privacy during the 3D printing process as printing may be done in a public space.

Patrons must pay for the plastics and other materials used in the printing process. 3D printing is charged per gram of filament used. Charges must be paid at the time of pick up.  Refunds are not given. Patrons have 14 days from notification to pick up their print job.  Items not picked up within 14 days become the property of the library.